Landscaping Fort Myers Fl

Landscaping Fort Myers Fl

Landscaping Issues?

Do you have locations in your yard or landscaping that you would love to make more appealing? Roos Bros, Inc. Landscaping Fort Myers Fl specialists have handled hundreds of landscape design problems, providing sensible, beautiful remedies.

If you are looking to liven up your landscaping and surround yourself in an exotic paradise, you have come to the perfect place! We have numerous ways of creating personal privacy in your backyard or front yard using fencing, personal privacy screens and plants. We can mask undesirable sounds utilizing white noise, such as water fountains. Landscaping Fort Myers Fl

At Roos Bros., we create beautiful landscaping design remedies for long, narrow side lawns, making use of trellises, vines and vertical planting. (This provides lovely home window views!).  We utilize slim growing strips and elevated yard beds and improve huge lawns with layered plantings as well as vibrant trees.

Roos Bros. provides creative solutions for shielding areas in your backyard that receive excessive sunlight exposure, such as color sails and retracting awnings.  We can even fix most yard water drainage troubles.

One of our Landscaping Fort Myers Fl experts will meet with you, discuss your goals and budget as well as strategy and our technique. We will instruct you on the appropriate treatment of your landscaping. Or, if you prefer, we can perform the proper Lawn care on a regular basis, allowing you to unwind in cool comfort while we do the job!

At Landscaping Fort Myers Fl Roos Bros. we specialize in:

  • Restorations
  • Rock as well as Compost
  • Sod/plugs installation
  • Clean-ups and/or substitute
  • Tree/bush removal


We can create “centerpieces” on open areas of grass, using varied collections of plants, making designs in inches as opposed to feet. Gardening is subjective and our main objective is your happiness. We strive to individualize your landscape, accomodating your tastes and preferences. Roos Bros understands that beautiful yards are a procedure. We have been in business for over 25 years and have seen and corrected many common mistakes that less experienced landscapers often make.

Here are some examples:

  • Developers as well as builders in some cases carve off the leading soil from a site, leaving only the subsoil. “This is No. 1 on my list of landscape design blunders,” states Henry Nunnery, York Region Expansion Agent in South Carolina. He recommends to work out a contract with the builder at the beginning.  Maintain the leading dirt or restore at least 6 inches of top soil back to the site.
  • Your tree looks more like a telephone post (it’s planted too deeply).
  • If you need to lower the elevation of a tree– probably as a result of proximity to a high-voltage line– consider removing it and growing a smaller tree. There are plenty of remarkable, shorter variations of many of our favorites.
  • Suit the expected mature dimension of a plant when you plant it. That applies to girth as well: If you’re planting broad-beamed trees and hedges such as dogwoods and big viburnums near the home or driveway, be certain to permit for their ultimate expansion. Don’t grow them in locations where they will not have room to grow, because many of these hedges and trees cannot be restricted to dimensions smaller than nature intended.
  • If you dig the planting opening deeper than the root round (you do not need to), be certain to tamp the dirt well as you back fill so that the tree doesn’t work its way below its perfect planting depth over time.
  • No one can prepare for all unknown variables that will influence your yard strategies. For instance, if a keeping wall is necessary or a brand-new water line is needed, tackle those projects prior to doing anymore planting.
  • When you’re a passionate garden enthusiast, it’s enjoyable to have one of everything, however you should gather your experiments into one area. Locate a means to draw the look together by duplicating some of the same shades and plants in various other components of the landscape.
  • One of the most significant landscape mistakes is not treating drainage issues prior to planting. Drainage issues commonly cause plant loss.
  • Removal of a tree’s crown can cause tree degeneration. Plus, the suckers that sprout from the cut trunk are weakly attached and also susceptible to damage.
  • Grade modifications around already developed trees can likewise wreak havoc on a tree’s health. As little as six inches of dirt on top of what’s already there can reduce air flow, and also restrict the activity of water and nutrients.
  • The previous owner of our home enjoyed dogwoods and grew them throughout the backyard. The only problem: the backyard is bright as well as non-stop hot all summer. The inadequate little dogwoods, meant to be placed under taller trees, were struggling to endure. Know the conditions your prospective garden enhancements are most likely to desire; light, dirt, and water before you plant.
  • Suit the expected mature dimension of a plant when you plant it. That applies to girth as well. If you’re growing broad-beamed trees and bushes such as dogwoods and large viburnums near the house or driveway, be sure to enable for their eventual growth. Don’t grow them in areas where they will not have room to expand. Many of these shrubs and trees are not meant to be constrained to dimensions smaller than nature intended.


Roos Bros is a phone call away to handle all of your landscaping Fort Myers Fl needs.  Roos Bros, Inc. provides landscape setup for brand-new construction, as well as remodels for residential and business or commercial properties. We are Licensed, guaranteed and have been serving SW Florida for over 25 years. Let us assist you in developing the lovely, tropical haven you have been dreaming of.